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Er -- Hi.

So, here's my half of our site. This is where I put my traditional disclaimer about how I don't have time to generate lots of interesting content. (Well, that's out of the way.) But while I don't freshen this site weekly (or even yearly these days), I do try to keep it reasonably up-to-date. (Check the last update statements at the bottom of the pages to see how I'm doing. Feel free to pester me if it's too old for you.  The latest update is typically the links page. It's easier for me to point at interesting things than to create them...)  

I still playing with this site on occasion to try out new tools and keep things up to date.  I'm also a good little geek and try to make sure I pass the W3C validator.

Why bother? Well, basically, it's my chance to shout into the void and see if any echoes come back. It's also a way to let people find me who have some irrational desire (or even rational desire) to do so. At least, that's my rationalization and I'm sticking to it. Follow the links to your left for more details.

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